• Since 1998 I work as a Creative & Art Director for businesses and design studios. My work ethic: to provide the most simplistic and yet bombastic solution for any given project – according to guidelines, or carte blanche.
1. Corporate Identity, Corporate Design

The creation of corporate identities and their visual appearance (corporate design).

The Ying & Yang of B2C relationsships: Who you are and what you want to say vs. how you want to present yourself.

Over 20 years of experience with smaller and larger businesses boiled it down to one answer: Everybody wants to look great.

So let's create something unique.
Let's make this personal.

2. Website Design and Programming

Websites for tablets, smartphones and PCs. Modern, fresh look, timeless design. Perfectly built.

With a database system like Typo3 or as a web business card.

3. Print

Flyers, folders, catalogs, banners, company signs, lettering (doors, cars, windows), flags, stationery, business cards, posters, badges, advertising material (USB sticks, stickers, pencils, pens) ...

Whatever you prefer: Everything built inhouse and perfectly accomplished.

4. Illustration

Illustrations such as icons, graphics and buttons for labels, flyers, catalogs, websites, signposts and similar tasks.

High quality workmanship and production.

5. Logos

Last but not least: Logos.

The mark that will lead your brand.

For doctors, clinics, car sales places, companies & businesses, events & exhibitions, online shops, and as signage for your products themselves.

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